1. Neck Injury
    Many doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists prescribe Neck Traction Devices to relieve pain caused by an injury. Whether it is an injury from an automobile accident, or an injury from a sport like football, neck traction devices provide pain relief, and allow the muscles and vertebrae the opportunity to heal properly.


  1. Neck Surgery
    Many doctors recommend gentle support and slight traction after surgery as immediate treatment for pain and discomfort cause by the operation. Cervical Traction Devices also provide support to maintain proper cervical alignment and allow the healing process to begin.


  1. “Pain in the Neck”
    Today’s super-stressed world can lead to tight muscles in the area of the cervical spine. Neck Traction Devices can offer immediate relief from stress-related pains and discomfort by stretching the neck.


  1. Neck Exercises
    Cervical Traction can be included in neck exercise protocols to treat pain and nerve agitation. Cervical exercises can initially cause pain and instability that can be treated with Neck Traction Devices The use of these devices also can build muscle tone and promote the correct cervical alignment.


  1. Pinched Nerve
    The use of traction can serve to separate the cervical vertebrae and provide relief from a pinched nerve in the neck. Relief can be immediate and even permanent with long-term use of a Cervical Traction Device. Always consult a physician when considering any type of treatment for pinched nerve issues.


  1. Arthritis
    Although there is no cure for arthritis, the debilitating effects of osteoporosis and the associated pain can be effectively treated with Cervical Traction. Neck Traction Devices can provide short and long-term relief.


  1. Stiff Neck- muscle stiffness from exercise or improper posture can lead to a “stiff neck”. Neck Traction Devices can provide wanted relief and can be worn around the house, at the office or just about anywhere!


  1. Whiplash Neck Injury- this can be a very painful time in anyone’s life! Cervical Neck Traction Devices are often recommended by doctors for immediate and sometimes permanent relief of neck related pain associated with whiplash-type injuries. Realignment of the cervical spine can also be effectively treated with Cervical Traction.


  1. Headache Neck Pain- Painful headaches can result from neck pain caused by a variety of reasons. Cervical Neck Traction will typically provide immediate relief from headaches caused by neck pain. Consult your doctor if headaches persist.


  1. Neck Strain- Most cases of neck pain originate from strain and can be treated without surgery. Cervical Traction is excellent in relieving neck muscles by gently stretching to the muscles and joints. These devices are typically quite portable and can be used almost anywhere!


  1. Heat/Cold Therapy- there are several Neck Traction Devices on the market that also offer hot and cold therapeutic capabilities. This option enhances the effectiveness of the traction treatments.


  1. Neck Herniated or Bulging Disc- this is a serious condition that can lead to surgery. An effective intermediate treatment is Cervical Neck Traction. There are a number of well-designed products on the market today that can offer pain relief from a herniated or bulging disc. Always consult a physician when considering any type of treatment for vertebral disc issues.



Cervical Traction Device to help your neck



There are many quality cervical traction devices available to the consumer today. The patient needs to understand the nature of their particular medical problem, and then obtain the cervical traction device that addresses their specific needs.


How to choose the right cervical neck traction device?

Cervical traction devices have been used by patients and professional practitioners for decades, perhaps longer! The concept really hasn’t changed that much, the idea is simply to stretch the tissues and joints of the neck to relieve pressure.

The neck traction devices on the market today are much more comfortable, easier to use and more effective than their predecessors.


How does cervical traction help you neck?

Cervical traction improves blood supply to neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Tight muscles can restrict blood flow thereby causing possible release of inflammatory chemicals, further causing irritation, tension and pain. Traction promotes a healthy cervical spine by relieving pressure, and subsequently stiffness of the neck, head and shoulders. When a nerve in the cervical area becomes pinched or irritated the patient can experience headaches, severe neck pain and possible numbness or tingling in the arms.


Old cervical traction models are cumbersome

Until relatively recently, cervical traction devices have been cumbersome and very difficult to use properly. Many of the older devices employ a system of weights attached to the head in some manner. They use harnesses hung from a table or door that attach to the head whereby stretching the cervical spine. These devices are viewed by many today as being outdated, but are still successfully used by many patients.


New improved cervical traction are more portable

Technology has rapidly improved cervical traction devices. There are a wide range of products serving the specific needs of the patient. The use of these newer devices has increased exponentially, mainly due to their ease of use.  These newer devices are more portable and user-friendly, and many of them can be worn while performing other minor tasks.
What makes ChiSoft cervical traction superior to other models?
The new designs gently lengthen the neck muscles and separate the joints efficiently to promote rapid relief from the soreness and irritation of neck problems. Most of the newer products are fully adjustable and can either apply gentle traction to increase circulation or firmer traction to lower pressure between neck joints, whereby freeing pinched nerves and easing the pressure on herniated vertebral discs.


The cervical traction devices that offer the most traction force typically require that the patient lay down, while those that provide less force can be worn while sitting or standing.


IMPORTANT: Cervical Traction Devices are not intended to amend or replace specific doctor-recommendations, but they can provide effective Cervical Traction, thus relieving pressure from pinched nerves, misalignment, and sore    muscles, and reducing associated pain symptoms.

Choosing the Right Food for Health and Nutrition

Great health is only achievable by eating the right food for nutrition. It is apparent that everyone desires to feel great, energetic, and prevent common infections. However, without the right nutrition basics this is hardly achievable. Meal planning also enables someone to avoid junk food and encourages a consistent healthy diet.

Health and nutrition tips

Planning a healthy diet is the first step to nutritious eating. One cannot easily do this on the go; it takes discipline and small manageable steps. Start by thinking of the diet in terms of color rather than being overly concerned about the amount of calories intake. Fruits and vegetables are very colorful and useful in many recipes making the food more appetizing and palatable. These are the foundation of healthy eating and constitute highly required minerals vitamins and antioxidants

Nutrition improvement begins by making slow changes in one’s eating habits and over time, getting accustomed to eating healthy. These can include measures liking switching from conventional butter to cooking with olive oil. Another very important ingredient in a diet is the use of water and exercise. Water flushes out waste from the system while exercise helps in improving metabolism and increased blood flow to the whole body.

It is important to eat a balanced diet that always includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and fat for sustainable health and nutrition. One does not have to think of some food as being off limits, however all food should be eaten in moderation and in the right quantities. What one needs to do if they have been eating unhealthy foods, for example salty and sugary foods, is to start reducing the intake slowly. The body gradually adjusts to the new alternative and soon eating healthy becomes a habit.

Starting the day with breakfast, followed by small frequent meals for the rest of the day, is energizing and increases metabolism. Whenever one has the opportunity, they should buy fresh produce from local farmers.

Healthy carbohydrates and whole grains for good nutrition

Carbohydrates and fiber rich foods for nutrition are very important as they give us energy to go through the day. These are available in whole grains and are rich in antioxidants and phyotochemicals, which are helpful in protecting against coronary heart diseases, diabetes and some forms of cancer. They digest more slowly keeping one feeling fuller for longer while keeping insulin and blood sugar levels at a healthy low. However, one needs to differentiate between the good and unhealthy carbohydrates. The good carbohydrates constitute of whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, while unhealthy carbohydrates constitute refined sugars and flour.

Planning quick and easy meals ahead

Healthy nutrition begins with prior planning which begins with a well-stocked kitchen and quick and easy recipes. One can begin by picking a few favorite recipes and schedule weekly meals while using leftovers for other days. Preparing one’s own food is less expensive and healthy. When one goes shopping, shop around the stores perimeter. One is most likely to find healthy ingredients here. Whenever possible, cook over the weekend and freeze the left overs for use during the rest of the week, this goes a long way in improving health and nutrition.

Health and Nutrition – What Did You Say I Should Eat?

Health and nutrition are hot topics in the news, in magazines, in school, at your doctor’s office, and even on Twitter and blog sites. Today, we hear about health and nutrition everywhere.

When Did Health and Nutrition Become Important?

Health and nutrition became an important focus during World War II when a committee was formed to investigate how nutrition might “affect national defense” (Nestle, 35). Since then many ideas have been presented to ensure people maintain a good healthy lifestyle.

In 1941 the Food and Nutrition Board met to set recommendations for a standard daily allowance of each type of nutrient needed by our bodies. Initially, the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) standards provided nutritional guidance specifically for the armed forces and for people overseas who needed food relief.

Over time, the RDAs became standards for everyone. The RDAs were revised every five to ten years and in the 1950s information about the suggested number of servings for each food group was added.

In 1997, the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) system was introduced. The DRI system is based on the RDAs and is used to establish well balanced diets for schools, prisons, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Controversy Along The Way

Of course, because the topic of health and nutrition is so important, as decisions were made about RDAs there was (and there still is) plenty of controversy.

Some researchers believe the RDA standards are too low and that they should recommend higher percentages of nutritional intake. Other scientists claim that a person’s body type should contribute to decisions about what types of foods should be eaten or avoided.

Many health officials advise us to limit our total fat intake to a low percentage of our daily calories; while others claim eating a good portion of fat in the diet is actually healthy.

Many weightloss programs claim their diet regimen is healthy for everyone, but some people do well eating certain foods such as meat or grain products, while others do better eating cheeses or high fat and high protein foods.

Every person has his or her own unique genetic structure. A diet that serves one person may not serve another.

So Who Is Right? How Do I Know What To Eat To Be Healthy?

While the RDAs provide excellent guidance for a well balanced diet, you are the expert when it comes to your body. Allow your body to tell you what foods are best for you. You know better than anyone how your body reacts to certain foods.

It is a good idea to follow a daily regimen, but you should also experiment with different foods and observe your body’s reaction to them. For example, when you eat meat, how do you feel afterwards? Do you feel energetic, alive, and balanced? Or do you feel tired or have indigestion?

Below is a basic regimen that can be adapted based on what you observe as your body’s reaction to different foods such as meats and breads.

Eat 4 to 5 fruits each day. That’s a lot to eat, so you might try juicing them. You can combine many fruits to make great tasting juice. Juicers made today are easy to use, easy to clean, and usually require very little preparation so juicing can be done quickly.

Eat as many raw vegetables as you can every day. Dark green vegetables contain chlorophyll which is very beneficial for your health. The fiber in vegetables is important for proper bowel health and elimination.

Juicing vegetables allows you to consume more than you could if you ate raw vegetables. Juicing also allows your body to absorb the nutrients much more quickly and easily. Be creative, many combinations can be juiced together for great tasting, nutritious drinks.

Use healthy oils every day. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, or pumpkin oil on all your raw salads; or stir them into your juiced vegetables for added flavor.

Your body needs a certain amount of the right kind of fats and oils each day. Fats in prepared and pre-packaged foods contain hydrogenated oils which are bad for you. Try to avoid commercially processed foods when possible.

Some Final Words of Wisdom

You are the only person who will make sure your body receives the proper amount of nutrients; you are the one responsible for your body’s nutrition and health.

Remember: Just because your belly is full and you are no longer hungry, does not mean you have really nourished your body. Be sure to put the right amounts of the right foods in your body everyday. Juicing makes that easy and allows you to get nutrients into your system quickly.

Disclaimer: Throughout this article, statements are made pertaining to the properties and/or functions of food and/or nutritional products. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these materials and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Are Health and Nutritional Supplements Necessary?

There are quite a few health and nutritional supplements out there to choose from today. There is also plenty of conflicting information about whether or not they are really necessary. It is no secret that most of us don’t eat a diet that fits well with the food pyramid.

We love the convenience (and often the taste) of fast food and processed foods. Yet these are the very foods that can be lacking in the essential vitamins and nutrients that the body needs.

Our bodies are like machines and they have to be taken care of. Otherwise we suffer from fatigue, weight gain, irritability, and even insomnia. Then we find it hard to get through our daily routines with ease.

As a first, we should try to eat a balanced diet with fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. We should really think of taking vitamins and minerals as the name suggests; that is supplementing our diet not replacing it.

Keep in mind that you can’t replace good eating habits, getting enough sleep, or daily exercise, with the use of health and nutritional supplements. You still won’t be at your very best

If you decide to use such products they should be in addition to what you are already doing. They shouldn’t be used as a justification for you to continue on a path that isn’t helping your body to get what it needs.

Having said that, with various healthy supplements we can get some of the nutrition that we are lacking back into our diet. This can help our body and our mind to work as they should.

We can also gain more energy from various supplements so that we aren’t just taking in empty calories. Today you will find health and nutritional supplements offered in a variety forms. They include powders, pills, drinks, and even bars that you eat as a great pick me up snack during the day.

There are many health problems in society today that we aren’t sure why they occur. For example cancer and other serious diseases can develop when the immune system is ran down. We are now aware that there are various free radicals that affect the immune system; the use of supplements can help to boost the immune system so that it is less likely to be severely affected by those types of elements.

Some people wait before taking supplements until they aren’t feeling their very best. While taking a course of supplements can make them feel better there is another option to think about. That is, it can be very beneficial to start using health and nutritional supplements right now. That way you can prevent health concerns instead of having to try to recover from them.

So is the use of health and nutritional supplements necessary? Well if you have a very good diet, exercise and sleep well, then may be not. For the rest of us, they can be of great benefit.

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